What is Oreka and how does it work?

Oreka is a marketplace where restaurants, bakeries, cafes, and groceries sell their surplus foods to consumers at a 50% or more discount. Oreka generates sales for food retailers while introducing them to new customers, provides fresh and tasty foods at great value for consumers and protects the environment through reducing food waste. All stakeholders in the Oreka ecosystem benefit.

How much does it cost to use Oreka?

It’s completely free to join the Oreka network for both consumers and merchants. As consumers, you only pay for the discounted food that you buy. Oreka takes a small commission over the transaction value of the items sold.

How do I benefit the environment when I use Oreka?

Unfortunately, a third of all food produced, or 1.3 million tons of food, is wasted globally. Wasting enough food to feed 2 billion people for a year in a world where 815 million people are starving is unacceptable.

The current level of food waste produces 8% of total greenhouse gas emissions which is almost as much as the contribution of current level of road transport.

Oreka’s mission is to stop tasty foods going to waste and take an important step towards a zero-waste society. We believe that everyone can be a part of a big movement with a small contribution and that we can leave a greener planet to following generations. You can join us in our efforts by using our services and become a part of the change!

I own a business; how can I join the Oreka network?

It’s really easy for merchants to both join and use Oreka. Just take a minute and fill out our application form and we’ll be in touch.

I know a location that should join Oreka, what can I do?

You’re amazing! You can e-mail and tell us more or you can ask for someone working at the location to fill out our application form.


How can I see locations near me?

It’s easy if you’ve downloaded our app. You can see nearby merchants using one of two ways. You may use the home page of the application where merchants are listed in order of increasing distance to your location. The distance between you and the merchant is noted just below the merchant’s name. Alternatively, you may use the Discover tab. This tab displays a map which contains your and nearby merchants’ locations.

How do I get notified of new items?

The time at which merchants list their items varies depending on multiple factors. You can keep checking the app throughout the day to see new items listed.

If you want to be notified when your favorite locations list new food items, you can go to the location page and click the ¨Follow¨ button. You will receive notifications on your phone from the places you follow whenever they list new items.

Which payment methods do you support?

Oreka accepts payments over the app from credit and debit cards issued by all major banks.

How can I place an order?

After downloading the app, you can buy an item of your choice from any merchant by paying with a credit or debit card through the app. The item you purchase will be reserved for you. You need to pick up your order from the merchant location by showing order details on your phone.

How can I change notification settings?

You may change notification settings or turn them off all together by clicking settings on your profile page on the app.

Pick up

How can I pick up the food I’ve ordered?

Easy! Be at the location within the specified time frame and show a member of staff your order details from the app.

Can someone else pick up my food for me?

We’ve designed our services so that the same order cannot be picked up multiple times. The merchant has to be presented with the in app order details. If someone else is going to pick up the food on your behalf, they need to login to your account on their phone.

Does Oreka deliver, or do I need to pick up my orders?

All Oreka orders are for collection in person only. Oreka does not offer any delivery services as of yet.

Can I eat in?

All Oreka orders are treated as take away. Key reason enabling our affordable prices for delicious food is that our model minimizes the operational burden on the merchant. However, in some cases the location may allow you to eat in. You can always ask the staff while you pick up your order.

How can I find the exact pickup location?

You can find the open address and relevant instructions (if any) of any merchant on their page. If you click on the address you can see the location in maps.

Issues with your order

What can I do if I don’t like the food I’ve picked up?

All of our merchant partners produce high quality and tasty foods and we wholeheartedly believe that any taste or quality issues with your order will be very rare. If something is wrong with the food please contact the merchant at pick up. If the merchant couldn't solve the issue, please contact us through your orders page on the application or e-mail us. Don't forget to attach the pictures of your food at the time of pick up. We’ll get in touch with the location and compensate you in the appropriate way.

What should I do if I won’t be able to pick up my order by in the allotted pick up time?

It is not possible for you to pick up your order outside the allotted time frame due to either the operating hours of the merchant or to the lifetime of the food items. Unfortunately, we cannot offer refunds in these situations. You can write to us f you have further questions on this matter.

I want to cancel my order, what can I do?

Your food is reserved for you after you place your order. This guarantees both the sale for the restaurant and the food item for you. You must be certain that you want the item and that you can pick it up within the specified time frame from the merchant location before placing your order!

Unfortunately, we cannot offer refunds in these situations. You can contact us if you have further questions on this matter.

The location was closed or didn’t have my food even though I was there at the pick-up time, what can I do?

Please contact us with your order and location details.